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Julia Filament | Thoughtful and Mindless

Julia Filament | Thoughtful and Mindless

Julia Filament

“Art is my way to talk to the world by visual language. The world around inspires me, I absorb the beauty of nature, complexity of human being and the way of person who is going through life. Me, at the same time a subject which I investigate day by day, and a creator. This combination allows me to develop not only technically beautiful image, but a conceptual image with philosophy, deep meaning and the space where every viewer can find own reflection.”

Her early works (2009-2012) are characterised by partly abstract, partly human-like creatures, blending with organic figures and natural elements. Later (2013-2015) she uses mostly no colour, and creates black and white ink illustrations. This collection of dark art is based on the deep inner research she goes through while finding herself in different country, different society, isolated from community also by being not able to speak neither English, neither Dutch that time.

From 2015 on, her work shows her interest in psychology and philosophy (which is the biggest source of inspiration for her), sometimes coloured by her own experiences. The relationship between people and their miscommunication in many ways becomes a subject for research. At this moment Julia is still busy exploring different psychological subjects, which is “an inexhaustible source of opportunities” for her, and speak about them through art.

Learn more about Julia Filament: www.jfilament.nl

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