Exhibition: Escargot, Don’t Go | Georgia Laughton

Kintsugi snail | Georgia Laughton

Kintsugi snail | Georgia Laughton

Exhibition: Escargot, Don’t Go | Georgia Laughton
Escargot, Don’t Go runs from Thursday 23rd November until Tuesday 5th December at Incube.8r Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

Bye | Georgia Laughton

Bye | Georgia Laughton

“Escargot, Don’t Go” is an escargotoire of snails painted and drawn by visual artist Georgia Laughton. Laughton undertakes to explore her introverted role within society and how to she can apparently be a contributing member of it. She also attempts to try to understand how at 39.5 years of age, friendship and relationships still seem to baffle her.

How does one actually ‘people’? Why does making a phone call cause a panic attack? Why do so many of people who don’t thing she’s odd all end up moving to the other side of the world? Laughton appears to have no clue, so has turned to snails in a vain belief that snails that might be onto something and be able to help her. So far, the snails are yet to give up their knowledge, so she remains clueless.

Snail and burst balloon | Georgia Laughton

Snail and burst balloon | Georgia Laughton

Georgia Laughton is a mostly-Melbourne-based artist working in a wide range of media, with a focus on fine art and social-documentary photography, lithography and solar-plate printmaking, and painting with oils. Raised in country Victoria, Laughton is now a self-described ‘inner-city soy-latte-sipping greenie’ whose subjects include animals rights, the environment and interrogating traditional notions of beauty. While Laughton strongly believes in art as a form of activism, her work remains personal, grounded and sometimes whimsical as she explores her own place in the world. Laughton has regularly exhibited work in Melbourne, country Victoria and South Australia since studying visual arts at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE in the early 2000s. Her artwork is held in private collections in Australia, the UK, the USA and Hong Kong, and in the public collection at Epping Hospital, Melbourne.

Exhibition: Escargot, Don’t Go | Georgia Laughton
When: 23rd November until Tuesday 5th December 2017
Opening night: Opening night is Thursday 23rd 6-8pm.
Where: Incube.8r Gallery, 321 Smith Street Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia
More: www.georgia-laughton.com

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