Ode to the Object | Lehigh Valley Artist, Domenick Naccarato, Brings Life to Mundane Objects

Ode to the object | Domenick Naccarato

Ode to the object | Domenick Naccarato

Ode to the Object
Easton, PA, August 1, 2018: Domenick Naccarato, Lehigh Valley artist, shares his love of found objects through sixteen new works of art in his show, ‘Ode to the Object,’ on display at Connexions Gallery in Easton, PA from Aug. 24 through Sept. 30.

Carrying on the traditions of early 20th century, found object artists, Naccarato attempts to redefine the purpose and beauty of seemingly mundane objects in each of his creations. Items like pulleys, gears, and railroad spikes, are carefully incorporated into compositions that dignify the items in a way that goes beyond their intended use. Each piece uniquely celebrates the object(s) and invites the viewer to share in the honoring of what is commonly overlooked scraps of metal.

The pulley and a spur gear | Domenick Naccarato

The pulley and a spur gear | Domenick Naccarato

“I try to take those unremarkable, often times undesirable things that I see in my everyday surroundings and use them to guide me in the abstract industrial works of art I create,” Naccarato says in his artist’s statement. He adds, “These disassembled items are beautiful to me and my goal is to share that love of the object with others.”

Naccarato’s use of found objects has been a long running theme in his work. Never quite satisfied with painting alone, he often blends these assemblage elements with the otherwise flat surfaces to create what he calls his 3-dimensional, “sculptural paintings.” Though the focus is always centered around the objects, he makes an effort to surround them with colors, textures, and composition that compliment them. In some of the pieces, he embellishes the item with swashes, a typographic flourish typically found on ornate typefaces.

In conjunction with the Fall seasonal group show at Connexions, an opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 25, from 7-10pm. The gallery is located at 213 Northampton St, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042.

Artist Biography
Domenick Naccarato received a degree in Fine Art from The College of New Jersey in 1998. Although he has been producing work since then, it has only been within the past six years that he has exhibited on a regular basis, primarily in and around the Lehigh Valley. He sits on the board of the Lehigh Art Alliance and is also a member of the Arts Community of Easton. Naccarato works out of his home studio in Lower Macungie and his art can be seen online at www.domenicknaccarato.com and on Instagram at @domenicknaccarato

Exhibition: Ode to the Object
Artist: Domenick Naccarato
When: Aug. 24 through Sept. 30.
Where: Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA, United States
More: http://www.connexionsgallery.com

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