Exhibition ‘Disappearance: three films by Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep’

Song X | Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep

Song X | Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep

Disappearance: three films by Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep
We are pleased to announce our new exhibition ‘Disappearance: three films by Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep’ by Thai artist Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep opening at de Art Center on Friday 12th October 17:00. This is also the first exhibition to be devoted to him in China. This exhibition is curated by Xia Yanguo.

Mont’s body of works embrace the cinematic poetry to scrutinize the complex stratification of human mind and memory in relation to the crisis boundary of representative memory and politic of subjectivity. Constructed from layers of sound and filmic materials – from celluloid to digital – and photography, his works conjure trance-like and immersive experience while emerging the playground of conscious and the dream structure that associates singular memory to the fragments and uncertainty within the broader sense of public. For the artist himself, the process of producing video works is kind of like a psychotherapy session through practicing self-hypnosis.

The artist redesigned the display room especially for this exhibition. Audiences are invited to enter a unique screening room, a space with daily atmosphere but also something strange, where one can expect something unexpected happens. Works exhibited include three important video works produced by the artist in recent years. (During exhibition we also have other screening events related to this project, for further information please subscribe our wechat account.)

Endless nameless | Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep

Endless nameless | Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep

Endless, Nameless is a hand-processed Super 8 film, shot in the private garden of a Thai army officer. The film reconstructs the filmmaker’s memories about groups of conscripts who worked in his father’s garden. The film was created as a self-hypnosis to reinvestigate his existence.

SONG X (2017)
A deserter awakes to discover that his body is laying lifelessly on the ground. He embarks on this new journey where he encounters a group of teenagers who intend to give him a cremation ceremony while, at the same time, his dead body is being searched by a military patrol.

Note from the artist: Since a young age, my life has been surrounded by music with my childhood friends whom we shared intimate friendship, which resulted in us forming a band together. Sadly, one of them passed away a few years ago, and I’ve missed his cremation ceremony. The Last Village is one of the unreleased songs, which depicts a group of hidden villagers delightfully conducting a funeral. Song X is an attempt to compose an extended version of this posthumous song, as a form of a visual poem, shooting with deteriorated 16mm and super 8 film stock, portraying life after death. It is a means to deliver out a message to my deceased band member and friend, and a memorial ritual for the dead.

Confusion is next | Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep

Confusion is next | Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep

A portrait of a nomadic musician Thom Assajan-Jakgawan. In the film, he appears as a fictionalized version of himself living in a fragile state, a collapsed country. He solitarily confines himself in an unoccupied room, continuing the meditative rhythms of his tunes.

‘mare lu ze=i’ is not a real word. He accidentally heard it from the repetitive layers of the loop of his sounds. It slips out of nowhere. It makes its own sound, in his head, which he then utters, as a mantra for protection, which transports him into a meditative trance before the working of his sounds. This is all part of his project, Sap (bewitched).

About Thom Assajan-Jakgawan
After getting together to make music since they were young, the bandmates of Assajan Jakgawan took a break and went different directions. One of the bandmates also passed away. But Thom, one of the members, continues to make music through his personal projects and live performances under Thom AJ Madson. His performances, with marvelous rhythms and melody, utilize guitars, a microphone, a loop, delayed pedal, and sometimes objects. Currently, Thom is working on a project Sap (bewitched) and another project Vimutti, or “liberation” in Pali.

About the artist
MONT TESPRATEEP was born in Bangkok but raised in Isan (the northeastern region of Thailand). He graduated with a Master degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts in London and participated in Berlinale Talents. Since 2014, Mont has been working on a series of hand-processed 16mm and S-8 films: Endless, Nameless (2014) and Song X (2017) and Confusion Is Next (2018). His works have been shown at film festivals and exhibitions; including Locarno Festival (Switzerland), International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherland), Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival (UK), Les Rencontres Internationales (Paris/Berlin), Curtas Vila do Conde (Portugal), Media/Art Kitchen at BACC (Bangkok), Asian Film & Video Art Forum (S. Korea), Southeast Asia Moving Image Mixtape at M+ (Hong Kong), Crossroads 2018 at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Media City Film Festival (Canada). He lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

Exhibition ‘Disappearance: three films by Pathompon ‘Mont’ Tesprateep’
When: 2018.10.12 – 2018.12.18
Where: de Art Center, Beijing Shi, China
More: https://deartcenter.org/

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