ECHOMECH | Marks Made by Time

2018 spring 22 | ECHOMECH

2018 spring 22 | ECHOMECH


For me, art is a way of life… the practice of funneling my observations – over a lifetime or immediately, of my environment – into a moment of creation – producing a work of art.

Time is essentially the main focus of my artwork. I am interested in exploring the effects of time on land visually through the medium of painting, as well as other artistic mediums. Through humans’ eye and measurement, time is a distinctive click, click, click. One line designated by another line; a quantitative measurement from one moment to the next. Not only is it human’s perception of the world around us, but there are also distinctive lines in nature that have this same visual pattern. Obvious examples include the growth rings of trees, rivers carving progressively deeper gorges, or the ridges of sand left behind from the continuous in and out of ocean waves.

2018 spring 21 | ECHOMECH

2018 spring 21 | ECHOMECH

Not unusual for me, transcending time and painting “in the zone” allows one to spend many hours on something without realizing it. This piece truly was a meditation of drawing in time, a constant back and forth, creating layer after layer as it eventually begins to sing on its own.

I intentionally relate the performing of music to my painting. I’d hope for a viewer to approach one of my paintings as if about to hear a new song for the first time. From the roots of Mississippi, hopefully it will be a colorful tune you can tap your foot to.

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