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Hope | Mirek Antoniewicz
Hope | Mirek Antoniewicz

Mirek Antoniewicz

For me, Art it’s survival.

Dinner | Mirek Antoniewicz
Dinner | Mirek Antoniewicz

I have been working on the cycle for 10 years – My Place. A direct inspiration for the creation of paintings is a photograph of the author, made at the Market Square in 1959. Images seemingly similar, are subject to smooth changes. They create a record of transient time.

The year is 1959. The Market Square in Wroclaw. A boy feeding pigeons. Overwhelming dullness: grey paving, grey pigeons, people in the street.
A moment captured.

The boy from the photo is present in all the paintings.
Treated like this, he ceases to exist as a pseudo self-portrait of the artist.
Information loses its meaning. The boy becomes a symbol.

The child figure is a point of reference, a record of past experiences, individual desires and expectations, an evocation of choices and limitations bringing back memories.

Connector | Mirek Antoniewicz
Connector | Mirek Antoniewicz

It is neither a story about the past, nor the artist’s memoir. It is a series of significant sequences; it evokes situations meaningful to the generation of the 1950s.

Looking back from the perspective of the present, it is an individual commentary on life revealing great distance and tinged with some irony. It becomes a question about the possibilities and conditions determining life choices.

The paintings, which seem to be similar, undergo a vital, but smooth transformation.
Differences in facial expression, clothing, a whole range of additional props describing the situation being commented on, have their source both in real experience and in fiction.
The boy is identified through the roles he plays. The event presented gets stronger, provokes questions and awaits interpretation.

The whole series of paintings is maintained in almost identical tonality. The dominance of grey supplemented with warm browns emphasizes the meaning of time passing. Maria Dziedziniewicz /curator and gallery owner/

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