Derek Scholte – Junk- and assemblage art

Festus' racer - Derek Scholte

Derek Scholte

Derek Scholte (the Netherlands 1973) creates assemblage/junkart objects. The artwork tells the story of a dystopian society where the large underclass survives by creating their own vehicles and tools with scrap-material.

Remus' speedster - Derek Scholte

All artwork is created with vintage materials, found objects and old junk.

Derek’s work shows the aging aspect of the Japanese philosophy Wabi-sabi. Sabi accounts of the beauty that comes with age. The life of the object and its imperfections are embedded in its patina and wear and, for instance, visible repairs.

Vesper's velocipede - Derek Scholte

Or simplified: the older and more worn it is, the more soul it has.

The characters are uniformed, but do have their own charisma. His characters come to life by absurdity, melancholy and rawness.

His work is greatly influenced by film. Movies like Mad Max and directors like Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Tim Burton have had a great impact on his work.

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