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Σnor 3AS3 | Jolyrasta

Σnor 3AS3 | Jolyrasta


For me, art is expression through creation.

Through my creations, I’m trying to stimulate feelings that are forgotten in our everyday life, such as childish excitement.

You recognize this forgotten feeling from the difference in one’s smile when he sees for the first time these little creations.

Every one of them has his own story that is being formed during the assembling process. It comes from the parts used, from where and whom they came from etc., even their names are formed the same way.

Further to the environmental benefits of Upcycling, it’s also a way to breath in new life to useless – unwanted materials, giving them a new purpose by making them useful but also beautiful.

I guess it all came natural to me.

Gr.In-0 | Jolyrasta

Gr.In-0 | Jolyrasta

Since my early days I was fascinated in opening a broken household appliance to figure out its operation (no wonder I studied Mechanical Engineering…). Most of the times I had no success in “repairing” it, so I was removing the parts I liked most and was trying to combine them with my toys. Several decades later I was still collecting scrap-waste materials from electrical & electronic devices, without knowing why nor what I’m going to do with them, it was just fun dismantling them. Because of a broken arm I had to spend some time indoors, so I took them all out, looked at them and imperceptibly started combining and joining them together, after a few hours CB-200 came up. I felt happy and really enjoyed every minute making him.

As the lyrics in Party Girl by Michelle Gurevich say “It doesn’t matter what you create if you have no fun”, as long as I’m enjoying it I’ll keep doing it.

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