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    Automates no1 | DUVAL
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    Overthink no3 | DUVAL


    For me, art is a visual for love.

    By my art I question the improbable encounters between opposing elements. Black and white, certainly, or abstract and figurative, movement and rigidity, but also between dark elements of human reality and the tipping point that turns it into a luminous character.

    I deconstruct the codes and symbols of society and, through painting, acrylic, ink and photos, I engage discussion and questions. My art is then, at the same time, an academic reflection and a free and emotional expression of these elements, on their zones of oppositions and meetings and especially on the thin line which separates them.

    Apprendre labc no5 | DUVAL
    Apprendre labc no5 | DUVAL

    The result is a pictorial movement and a frank and brutal reality that escape the reason. In this movement exists a liberation of the rules which oppose the human being to himself and to his borders. Creation pushes me, more and more, to the realization that, by deconstructing these boundaries literally or figuratively, beauty will emanate from itself.

    And, in the end, the ultimate unlikely encounter that I want to arouse through my art, it is an encounter, outside the frame of my painting, between me, the ideas that my art expresses, and the one that looks at them. So, my works become, in itself, a game where, in the process of creation, I leave traces of this desire for encounter, dialogue and shared expression.

    Learn more about DUVAL: www.mcduval.com

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