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Crystal ball | Bruce Rolff
Space meditation | Bruce Rolff

For me, art is my life.

I’m an artist, in New Jersey, just outside of New York City. I have been creating since I was a child.

Many of my images come about really quite organically. I often start with an idea and while in the midst of creating I often have more ideas for variations or even completely new ideas. It’s very organic in many cases. It just flows from one to another.

In a sizable portion of my work I feel as if I am just showing an interpretation of what I have already seen and experienced. I have a desire to touch an eternal force, to experience God. Perhaps some of these images are an attempt to get back there, to experience God and eternity.

Some of my work also speaks of another such place, a profoundly lonely place, but not a place entirely absent of peace either. A place of longing, a purgatory where loneliness, contemplation and great stretches of time, emptiness and a near acceptance of one’s fate combine. A resignation to this not quite comfortable place. A muted acceptance.

Eternity | Bruce Rolff

When I was younger, I was inspired more by other artists. Although I still do look at a lot of other artists’ works. My work has changed dramatically over time. For one, it’s gotten better and more consistent in quality. There are always some that rise to the top though. I moved from mostly abstracts to more surreal images over time. Digital lends itself very nicely to surrealism. I think that may be why there is somewhat of a resurgence of surrealism these days.

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