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Battle for the sexes | John Okumu

For me, art is about describing your point of view to the world.

John Okumu creates realism drawings.

“Generally, my drawings are made of graphite on embossed white paper (180g). My art traverses a plethora of subject matter; cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, wildlife, dark art, etc. my interests solely focuses on pencil drawings. This is geared towards making my pieces more relatable and sticking to the basics for most people start learning by drawing using a pencil. The main objective is to encourage artists and art enthusiasts what could be achieved with will on one’s side.”

Persona | John Okumu

Battle for the sexes: before the internet Africa’s courting game had the battle for the sexes. When the young man was interested in a lady he had to prove his worthiness by challenging an experienced warrior. Though it hurt and was a bloody affair every step of the way, sportsmanship was maintained. As one would expect the young men almost never won but in the end, their new girlfriend and soon to be wife gently attended to their knight and shining armor proud their love has literally fought for their love. The difficulty and brutality of this sport forever remind them both that they are worth it.

Zebras | John Okumu

Persona: the near-perfect look of this realism drawing is impressive in its own respect; however it has 3 intentional mistakes. This is a reflection of our personalities i.e. we have multiple attributes that constitute one’s persona. It’s the attitude towards these flaws that differs i.e. some either don’t notice them, some notice but don’t mind while others are bothered and have an urge to correct it. The piece thus begs the question “do the flaws make the drawing any less perfect”

Zebra: this drawing is about Kenya’s pride and beauty for this national park borders the city of Nairobi, only one of its kind.

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