Ira Kub | The Art of Playing Cubes

Wave | color acrylics on canvas | Ira Kub

For me, art is a way to let my inner child speak up. Making art of playing cubes.

I have gone a long way from realism to what I am doing now. The idea was to bring my love to play cubes from my childhood into my art.

Mona Lisa | blueberry acrylics on canvas | Ira Kub

It took me a good while to find my own style. I was trying lots of them until I felt I had come across something very personal in my painting. This has resulted in my current works where I build my paintings from cubes. I declare it as an Hommage to the greatest artist in the world. When painting I closely contact the masterpieces and interact with them.

My goal is to show unusual works to the audience so that they come back to the genuine paintings and fall in deep love with them. I am a dedicated 2D artist using stretched canvas and acrylics as my favourite medium. I think acrylics is the best medium in our fast-moving world; it takes just minutes to dry. At the same time, it’s more meditating than digital art – you can physically feel the excitement of applying wet paint on the surface.

My favourite artists are Yayoi Kusama, Christo, Andy Warhall and Roy Lichtenstein. I am exploring bright colours and the emotions they bring up in a human being. Painting the same subject over and over again is king of a way to study the nuances of the changing aspects. And repetitive cubes let me relax and live in the painting.

My artworks are good in the modern interiors though bringing a touch of classical art into them. I believe this is a great fusion. And I tend to go on exploring art and life via painting.

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