Irina Ideas | Movement conquers time, on our quest to merge with Technium we are at the final frontier – Time 

Irina Ideas

My work on this planet, regardless of the shape it takes, is about observing and capturing patterns which gradually form into the building blocks of life in my art/existence that hopefully with each year turns more complex and polyphonic.

Everything in and around this mortal body is composed of cells, atoms, quarks, gluons, on and on into the microcosm of forms/patterns. Likewise, our cultural and historical inheritance is composed of cells of idealism, visions, and innovation, fueled by imagination and knowledge. I believe that the work of art has to radiate with intellectual inquiry, awareness towards history, but at the same time to hold the vitality of a mysterious, indescribable awe before the pulse of the universe within and around. It is in this spirit of awe that I am standing with one foot exploring the intersection of myth, history, philosophy, science and with the other, observing, my stream of consciousness, abstractions, and futurism. The interplay between these transcend conventional forms and inspire me to create and explore the invisible, while we are launching into the Age of Inspiration.

Irina Ideas

Ultimately I think that science, intellectual fields, and technology will reach the point of singularity with art, which in turn will result into yet another cognitive revolution (the first was the invention of fire, mythologically seen as a story of Prometheus). Technology is constantly influencing and changing the way we interact with material existence and also with each other, and I believe that we have to keep pace with these changes through fostering our human values, igniting each other’s imagination, knowledge and supporting authenticity, in other words everyone should become their own Prometheus that spreads the “fire” through internet and continues the primordial impulse that dictates the trajectory from simplicity to complexity.  

This conglomerate of thoughts expressed in here are paintings, sculptures and installations and they are all about the opposites, joining the two ends of the spectrum together, embracing the dissonance and living the experiences of the polyphonic, multidimensional beings that think beyond now and here. Presented in here is the movement of life, the idealism that precedes each moment of creation, ready to jump into tomorrow but still held back by today and especially by yesterday. I believe that every artist is a futurist because the time we live in echoes in the background of each creation, eventually the artist plays with time in both directions and the time eventually is the final judge, it tests us all the time during and after our lifetimes.

Ideasrexoids | Irina Ideas

Today is also about a dream that describes my thinking processes during the creation of this collection:

I am wondering what is happening as I discover all the different options, alternatives for deeper meaning while living on this planet. Suddenly the planet is so small, I am looking at it as if it was a dot, then I realize, indeed it is a dot, it is smaller than dust, because the stars are the dust. They are so dense and yet far apart, standing in their dignity of distance. The space makes us respect things much more, maybe that is why it exists, the condition on living on this dot is always about space, time and gravity. We are bound to earth, but Earth isn’t bound to us, however, we will not be bound by it for much longer thanks to the organized thinking. We are on the way of self sufficiency, technologically but psychologically we are still hanging in between the melancholic cry for the times past and the dreadful fear coming from the future or is it an excuse because we became lazy and fear change? We are all born the optimists but somehow on the way we become pessimists, I wonder how many wonderful ideas were killed by the pessimists. It is almost like the fuel of love gets exhausted and bitterness takes it’s place, is this something we should learn in school, if schools are to survive the technological revolution that we are all witnessing, as learning becomes ubiquitous thanks to internet and infinite possibilities a connection between two humans can bring.

Ultimately we all love each other when we are born, as we make first steps into the world but then we sadly build the expectations of reciprocity and that usually ruins lives. Maybe the care of parents and those nearby are to blame for such a high expectations from the world. The measurements of care is a terrible thing but it is necessary because many are exploiting,…. not very genuine in their ways and that is why art comes in to the rescue, it is the only one that doesn’t measure, but gives the world of an artist, to the world, it is like a dust turned into a star turned into a meaningful thought.

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