Tony Schaefer | Transformation – An Exposition of the Unseen.

Unbound again | Tony Schaefer

For me, art is a simple matter of expression, in an attempt to communicate.

My body of work is exploring the spiritual concept of transformation. I am drawing a contemporary line between religious iconography and New Age symbolism. My work here is an artistic impression of my own experience and an attempt to find expression within a contemporary art context. Materialism has cause more problems than it has solved, spiritualism needs to re-enter the conversation. A spiritual transformation is an act of conversion, sometimes subtle, sometimes life-changing.

Father son heaven earth | Tony Schaefer

This exposition begins with the visualization of a “tiny mad, idea”, a simple, dark thought; “Could I be separate from everything?” Somehow this idea took on very real effects and it is these effects that require transformation. These works vary stylistically, exploring different textures, forms, colours and sounds, yet are tied by recurring motifs, suggesting something unseen. We exit through the garden from whence we slept.

Wheels | Tony Schaefer

Digital images are best viewed where the light source is coming from within the artwork, in this series of digital images it becomes a metaphor pointing to the Light within each of us. Once the debris is cleared, the Light shines through allowing a fearless vision. This body of work represents a moment in time and points to freedom beyond it.

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