Enrico Basta – expressionism – existential – baroque – irrational

No title - Enrico Basta

Enrico Basta

Enrico Basta: My painting is an absurd fight, a scream in the corridor, piercing old and new hanging images with a furious act, the human existence burned and fluid inside the only room possible.

Figure studies - Enrico Basta

I don’t have goals. I don’t have a second chance. I don’t have understanding. I have just me. Me against a sleepy life, exploding my blood like a wild bloomed flower.

Enrico Basta saw the first light in Martina Franca, a little town in Puglia (Italy).

Forgotten Venus - Enrico Basta

1999 he began to learn classical techniques with a master painter. After 4 years of lonely experiments he was admitted at the Academy of fine art in Lecce (Italy).

2000 he received a regional award for young painter. Since 2008 he lives and works in Berlin. He already had several exhibitions in Italy and in Berlin.

Visit his website: http://enricobasta.carbonmade.com/

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