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Alan Derrick with Einstein

Alan Derrick

Alan Derrick: I make 3D Metal Pop Art, which pays tribute to iconic figures, past and present. But more than that, this artwork has actual depth to it like a sculpture even though it is displayed like a painting.

Each portrait is produced by layering abstract steel cut-outs against a third solid back panel. I cut and stack the floating layers of metal in a way that creates the illusion of depth, dimension and underlying shadows not found with a flat sheet of paper or canvas. When viewed from several feet away, the arrangement of layers yields a three dimensional likeness of the subject.

Jimi Hendrix Freedom Alan Derrick

I splatter colors onto each layer using a technique that is both uniform and random in nature. This enhances the 3D effect. The resulting patterns and texture are designed to create an illusion of light washing over the subject.

George Washington Carver Rainbow Alan Derrick

As a teen I puttered around in my parent’s garage making things out of metal, especially steel. In 2001, I turned my focus back to art and metal, this time in my garage. By 2004 I had built the shop I now work in. I finally left my day job and became a full time artist/sculptor in 2007.

My first major art subject was larger than life metal bird feather sculptures which took up to a month to complete, and were prohibitively expensive for the average art lover to acquire.

The market crash of 2008 forced me to reevaluate what I was doing, and led me to develop a more affordable art form. The concept of 3D Metal Pop Art was born.

I now dedicate all of my time and energy to creating 3D metal pop art inspired by iconic figures of popular culture.

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