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Jennifer Sims

Jennifer Sims

Jennifer Sims: Honestly, I’m endlessly fascinated with how movement doesn’t lie, how movement can say what words cannot, and letting people observe what we don’t know we reveal about ourselves.

Like many, I’m not interested in how people move, I’m interested in exploring what moves them. I prefer to move dance away from being a culture of entitled charity accessed by ticket prices to a means of priceless quotidian communication for any passerby. I mostly want viewers to question how they identify their own personal experiences of things they would never admit to others, or even their selves, with what they experience with the dancers in the space. I also hope viewers question how they feel about allowing movement to let them reveal their own story.

The Dress Jennifer Sims

Jennifer Sims is currently developing feature dance film ‘Scriptures’ with Choreographer Fabien Prioville (Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal), Cinematographer Petr Hlinomaz (‘I Am Legend’), Production Designer Veronique Melery (‘Marie Antoinette’), Editor Peter Hjorth (‘Dancer In the Dark’), and Costume Designer Patricia Colin (‘The Devil Wears Prada’).

Une Minute Embrasse Jennifer Sims

She has also created the dance documentary feature film ‘Exploring Hinterland’ with Ekilibre Dance Company. She has choreographed on dancers from Martha Graham Contemporary Dance Company, Paris Opera Ballet and Munich Ballet.

Current Exhibition: The Dress
A dress train of 4 indifferent men are chauffeured by a preoccupied woman in heels while the men’s synchronized idiosyncratic movements evolve into larger phrases. The performance conveys how indifferent people are to taking advantage and being taken advantage of by each other, the comfort of riding coattails and how we somehow still chauffeur people ahead of ourselves.

Invited to present in Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities | Finland June 10, 2013; ‘Choreography on the Edge’ NY August 2-3, 2013; ‘Art in Odd Places Series’ in Greensboro, NC November 1-2, 2013

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