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Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis: I am an illustrator, painter and aspiring designer working out of Boston, Mass.

I studied illustration at RISD, where I graduated in 2000. Currently I am studying Graphic Design at Mass Art.

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Looking at the little things and observing the details has always been of great joy to me. Early on I was influenced by the detailed works of Hieronymus Bosch, Bruegel, and Lisbeth Zwerger, later my influences grew to include numerous comic book artists, Mark Ryden and James Jean.

Robot - Jennifer Lewis

Most of my pieces focus strongly on an narrative, derived from childhood fairy-tales and myths. My work contains a certain duality, a mix between whimsical and playful with darker undertones and a dry sense of humor.

I have exhibited my work far and wide including London, New York, Boston and L.A. My images have also been printed in numerous publications including the Boston Weekly Dig, Mail Me Art Book, and Artscope magazine.

I hope that I continue to be endlessly inspired by the world around me and continue to create numerous ever evolving illustrations and paintings into the future.

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